Why Scarborough?

Derwent House was built in 1852 as part of the Esplanade Gardens in the golden age of coastal architecture. This was when Scarborough, building on its Georgian and spa roots, blossomed into one of Britain’s finest coastal resorts.

It was originally a private house, but by the Great War it had become a hotel, fortunately surviving the shelling of 1914 by the Imperial German Navy. In World War II it housed the men of RAF Bomber Command. Continuing as a hotel post war, it began to tire and was acquired as an unoccupied hotel in 2019.

we love scarborough so much, so why not scarborough. we grew up around this neck of the woods and wouldn’t have it any other way. there’s some grand sights to see and lots of fun to be had so we thought we would up the anti and create a spiffing place to stay so you could enjoy it too.


And Behold - A Thing Of Beauty!

We wanted to breathe a new lease of life into the building when we decided to convert it from a hotel into luxury apartments. It took two and half years of meticulous planning and hard work to ensure we paid homage to the grandeur of its historic architecture, while creating modern, stunning living spaces that enable the most comfortable stay for our guests.

Derwent House now offers all the luxury, comfort and services you’d expect to find in a 5-star serviced apartment.

From rags to riches, and with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, more from bill than from ben let’s admit it. our dream was a reality and derwent house went from a neglected old house to a beautiful place for you to stay.

Apartments' Naming

The Derwent River and its surrounding valleys provide locals and visitors with many stunning and classical vistas. People often say how the changing landscapes remind them of how England used to be – a home from home.

We renovated with this sentiment in mind and committed ourselves to delivering Derwent House Apartments with all the grace and style its namesake deserves.

Each one of our Apartments: Ganton, Harwood, Broxa, Langdale and Everley is named after some of our favourite, and often little known, local beauty spots along the course of the River Derwent. Please explore the apartment listings, both to find out more about these beautiful villages and, to see what the apartments have to offer you.


At Derwent House, we’re aware of the harmful impact that products and behaviours can have on the environment, especially in the travel industry. That’s why, where possible, we ensure that all of our cleaning products and toiletries are from brands that share our vision for a greener planet.

In the construction phase of the building, we ensured that insulation and heating controls reduced the need for excess energy usage. Oh, and we don’t use any single-use plastic either.

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